content_imgTNT..Story So Far

Translating New Territories is a project that weaves together strands of creative practice and academic research.

My paintings presented here explore gestural marks and colour saturation from the territory of painterly abstraction juxtaposed and co-existing with emblematic forms from the realm of thematic figuration. Having moved from the UK to live and work in the appropriately named New Territories in Hong Kong, my works now also evolve in the context of a new and real territorial relocation.  Click here to view the collection of images.

With my EdUHK colleague and artist Dr Zoran Poposki we curate an ongoing research project called “Translation(s); International Video Art Project”. We invite a range of international artists to translate the experience that living and working in different cultures, different territories, has upon them, within a themed and experimental video framework. Click here to view the collection of videos.